About us

Since 2002, Meadow Hall Group and its flagship school, Meadow Hall, have been providing best-in-class educational services for children from the age of 4 – 16 years, by operating an integrated scheme of British and Nigerian curricula.

Meadow Hall Education has nurtured the passion of over tens of thousands children and helped them develop holistically through the enabling opportunities provided by a strong academic culture. Meadow Hall Home Tutor mirrors this, by providing professional and high quality home tuition across Lagos and soon, the rest of Nigeria..

Meadow Hall Home Tutors (MHHT)

Meadow Hall Home Tutors was designed to reinforce learning done at school while providing a platform for children to optimise their skills, work on their strengths and explore their creative abilities.  It has now developed into a large and talented team of over a 100 qualified teachers, who provide high quality home tuition across Lagos. Our teachers are trained, experienced and energetic subject specialists, up-to-speed with a dynamic curriculum and the current requirements of exam boards and specifications.

The world has since evolved from teaching children simple communication skills, to nurturing them into becoming decision makers, problem solvers, creative entrepreneurs and trendsetters. Meadow Hall Home Tutors is applying its expertise and tested technique of nurturing rounded children who will grow up to attain their highest potential in life and become lifelong learners.